Fall Lawn Care—Michigan Style

Posted by Lush Lawn on Nov 4, 2022 8:45:00 AM

Now that it’s November, you may be thinking your lawn care duties are done for the year. Well, they’re not. Here are some fall lawn care tips Michigan homeowners should take to heart. Following this plan will help you to ensure that your lawn bounces back strong in the spring.

Develop a schedule

You have to think about your lawn care plan (especially in Michigan) as a year-long operation, and not just a summer job. There are things that you should be doing, or that you should consider doing, in almost every month of the year.

Your schedule (most years) will run from early March to early December (or even later if the weather holds out).

Keep Mowing

Speaking of the weather, we’re seeing more and more warm temperatures in November, which means we’re mowing longer. 

Cornell University researchers say that you should stop mowing in the fall when growth slows. They say that’s generally about the time the daily average temperature goes below 50° F for a week. But make sure to cut your grass if it gets to be more than 4 inches long. You don’t want to run the risk of it getting matted down under the snow because. This will increase your chances of snow mold developing

And remember, after you do get that last cut under your belt, have your lawnmower serviced before spring.


This is a great time of the year for core aeration. If you had a lot of backyard parties that may have compacted your soil, core aeration will create the space your grassroots need. The plugs of soil it creates will allow all of the water and nutrients to reach the root zone.

Beef up Bare Spots

After aerating, you should also consider planting grass seed in spots that are bare or thinning. Michigan lawns are mostly made up of cool-season grasses, so make sure you get the right mixture and get it down before the ground freezes. This is an ideal time to

Planting in November (or even in the early fall) will give the seed time to acclimate blend in with your existing turf.

Water Occasionally

In November, you’re not dealing with the summer heat, so watering is done minimally. But you should do it, especially if there is a string of unseasonably warm weather with no rain. Just avoid overwatering your lawn. 


Raking in the fall will not only remove fallen leaves, but it can dethatch your lawn as well. Some leaves are good for the grass, but if they pile up, they can smash your grass down and even kill it in some spots. That will leave you with more bare spots to fill.

Winterize (Apply a Fertilizer)

And a healthy lawn always benefits from a nutrient boost.  Having your lawn fertilized in the fall will replace the soil with all of the minerals lost during the long, hot summer months. It ensures that your grass blades will be thriving’ come spring.

Lush Lawn Fall Lawn Care

A good fall lawn care strategy is a bonafide necessity in Michigan. The change of seasons can make it tough to keep your lawn looking its best. 

If you need help putting together a plan for the fall, or want year-round advice—contact us. We have 7 and 14 treatment packages to fit every lawn and every budget.

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