Tree Health: The Benefits of a More Proactive Approach

Posted by Lush Lawn on Dec 29, 2020 4:00:08 AM

It’s not an uncommon scenario for homeowners to notice signs of poor tree health and then make the decision to take action. Whether this decision is prompted by the sight of dead branches, discolored leaves or decaying bark, the shared problem is the damage has already been done — to some degree. In other words, you’re doing what you can to reverse the issue, which can become a costly and time-consuming feat that doesn’t always deliver the best results.

As is the case with lawn maintenance, maintaining tree health should be a proactive measure, not a reactive one. This will save Southeast Michigan homeowners many headaches down the road — a handful of which we’ve highlighted in this blog post.

4 Reasons to Be Proactive With Your Tree Care


Your Landscape Will Be Healthier & Safer

Consider the case where a storm hits, and weak branches fall victim to the harsh conditions. Or maybe it’s a matter of pests that have infested trees moving to other areas of your lawn and cause further damage to plants. In either scenario, declining tree health puts your landscape (and your home) at risk. With a preventative tree care plan that combines deep fertilizations, fungal sprays and periodic insect control applications (in conjunction with pruning), you can eliminate these issues before they ever have a chance to do more harm to your landscape.

The Longevity of Your Trees Will Increase

While the life span of a tree varies vastly depending on its species, it’s also a matter of the level of preventative care it receives. Let’s circle back to the fertilization example referenced above. When trees are given the nutrients they need to grow strong, they have a structure in place to better withstand the impact of weather, pests and disease — which in turn helps them live longer. As you appreciate the beauty and shade of trees already in your landscape, you’ll also save the costs of having dead trees cut down and removed (an average of $750) as well as the cost of planting a new tree, which can come out to (with labor included) more than $500.

You’ll Save Costs on Extra Tree Treatments

While a homeowner can plan for the routine costs of a preventative tree maintenance plan, the costs associated with reactive measures are not only surprising but also more expensive. For instance, if an apple tree is infected with apple scab over several seasons, it can make itself susceptible to other diseases that exacerbate the initial problem. When these issues pile onto one another, homeowners can find themselves shelling out more money to try and combat the declining tree health — and oftentimes, having to make the costly decision of tree removal.

The Value of Your Property Will Increase

Curb appeal has a big impact on the perceived value of your home. Whereas trees that appear weak with scarce leaf coverage can take away from the aesthetics of your landscape, healthy and well-maintained trees can add to the beauty of your home and boost its price point. This increase in value can stretch anywhere from 7% to 19%, according to recent nationwide surveys.

At Lush Lawn & Safari Tree, we believe in proactive care to keep your trees healthy and safe. While you’ll save costs and frustrations, your landscape will look and feel its best. Learn more about our tree care services — and when you’re ready, request a free quote!

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