Tall Fescue: A Popular Lawn Grass For Michigan

Posted by Lush Lawn on Dec 30, 2022 4:00:00 PM

Tall Fescue is known for being a popular lawn choice for those avid gardeners in the midwest and beyond, with Michigan planters proving no different.

And it’s easy to see why Festuca Arundinacea has become such a popular lawn choice for those across the United States. Here’s more on why Tall Fescue remains such a popular choice in Michigan and what other choices gardeners have when Spring returns.

Tall Fescue Lawn Pros Vs. Cons

Tall Fescue is known for being a tough grass that can handle North American winters due to its durable root system, making it perfect for surviving challenging conditions. As an excellent all-season choice, Tall Fescue deals with all of Michigan’s weather conditions, such as heat, droughts, and frosty weather.

This cool-season perennial is native to Europe and is even used for playgrounds, which gives you some idea of the traffic this kind of lawn can take. It should be noted that even though Tall Fescues give off a dark green color, it does have a rougher look than bluegrass and ryegrass.

This is due to its bunchy blades, which are bigger than the above variants and are an excellent choice for sunny lawns. And there are other drawbacks, with Tall Fescue not ideal for lawns with a lot of shade, as this can lead to it thinning out and proving less visually appealing. There are other areas where Tall Fescue can be both negative and positive for those looking to use it.

Whilst this is a low-maintenance lawn grass variety, it will need to be seeded purely and not mixed with other types of grass. The upside is that you won’t need much water since it’s drought-resistant, meaning you can be less hands-on the longer it beds in.

What Different Varieties Of Fescue Are There?

If Tall Fescue doesn’t fit your current lawn needs, other types are available for your consideration. The most popular type of lawn grass in Michigan is Kentucky Blue Grass, with a deep green hue that grows thick and provides a soft feel for those with busy lives outdoors.

But while it might tick a lot of boxes for many people, maintenance is much higher with a Blue Grass lawn since it requires irrigation during dry spells. You might have even tried this lawn before and found it to be a less-than-ideal fit, which is why you’re reading this blog!

This is where Fine Fescue comes in, providing a soft feel much like Blue Grass but able to grow in areas with less moisture and less fertilizer. You can also try mixing these types, offering an excellent mix of disease resistance without giving up the velvety aesthetic.

Let Lush Lawn Help With Your Lawn Needs

We can help with your important lawn decisions and evaluate what types of grass will flourish in your lawn this year. LL can help get the most out of your existing Tall Fescue grass with our licensed techs fully equipped to diagnose and select the products to help fix this grass at the right time. To get a free estimate for your yard, contact Lush Lawn today.



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