Mosquito Control Chemicals: Are They Safe?

Posted by Lush Lawn on Jul 7, 2020 8:47:28 AM

Every homeowner dreams of a mosquito-free yard in the summer. While professional solutions may seem viable to keep these pests at bay, it’s natural for there to be concerns over the safety of mosquito control chemicals — especially if you have children or pets.

So, are mosquito control chemicals safe? When EPA-registered mosquito control chemicals are applied based on label instructions and at low levels, the answer to this question should be yes.

There are households with increased sensitivities to chemicals, whether it’s tied to allergies, sensitive skin or compromised immune systems. In these scenarios, mosquito control chemicals deemed safe by the EPA and properly applied can still have adverse effects. This can come in the form of skin, eye, and bronchial irritation.

If you’re worrying about the chemical sensitivity of your household, it’s probably best to swap the traditional mosquito control chemicals with a more natural route.

Natural Mosquito Control for Sensitive Households

As the name implies, natural mosquito control eliminates the use of chemicals and instead uses natural materials to ward off mosquitoes. These all-natural recipes come with no negative side effects for children and pets (or the environment for that matter), which translates to stress-free mosquito control for even the most sensitive households.

Just as is the case for mosquito control chemicals, some natural mosquito control solutions are more effective than others. Citronella, for example, evaporates quickly. It provides a defense against mosquitoes for only a short period. Cedar oil — a natural protectant for cedar trees against mosquitoes and other pests — evaporates more slowly and provides longer, more effective protection. (Pair cedar oil with a hint of peppermint. It’s an aroma that mosquitoes can’t stand. You’ll also have an added layer of defense in place.)

Safari Tree Offers Conventional & Natural Mosquito Control

Every home deserves safe and effective mosquito control. But we realize this doesn’t always come in the form of a single solution. Conventional applications of mosquito control chemicals will fulfill the needs of some homeowners. Others will require (or prefer) a more natural approach. That’s why to best serve Lush Lawn & Safari Tree customers, we offer conventional and natural applications for mosquito control.

Both of our conventional and natural mosquito control programs use different products. The former uses safe synthetic chemicals while the latter uses cedar and peppermint oils. Each treatment is highly effective at driving away living mosquitoes and preventing mosquito larvae from maturing. Each conventional and natural application lasts for about 21 days.  (Note: Natural mosquito control sprays can be applied more than their synthetic counterparts since they have no negative side effects.)

Keeping your yard mosquito-free doesn’t have to come at the expense of feeling safe. With conventional and natural mosquito control programs to choose from, Lush Lawn & Safari Tree provides you with the options you need to feel comfortable in your outdoor environment. Talk to us about your mosquito control needs. We’ll set you up with the services you need to feel safe year-round. It all starts with requesting a free quote.

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