New Payment Options for 2023

Posted by Lush Lawn on Sep 26, 2022 2:19:29 PM

Last year we asked our customers how they would like to pay for their lawn and tree care services. Based upon their input, in 2023, we are updating our billing and invoicing system to include monthly installment invoicing in addition to autopay and prepayment options.

Monthly Installments

Instead of emailing an invoice after each visit, customers that choose the monthly installment plan will have their program cost split-out into equal monthly payments. This payment plan will be broken into equal payments beginning on the month your service starts and ending in December for new customers.

For returning customers who chose this plan your payments will begin in January and end in December. One small charge each month to help with your budgeting!

The two most significant benefits of monthly installment invoicing are planning and budgeting. First, it is easier because payments come out on the same day every month, and the amount of each invoice is the same. In addition, the entire program will be divided into equal monthly payments. Rather than having some invoices spike based on what services are applied.

Auto-Pay Option

If you prefer to pay at the time of service, we have an Auto-Pay option available for you. Set up your account with a credit card and we will charge your card automatically when services are complete. You’ll receive an email invoice when your services are complete and a statement when payment has been automatically processed. Nothing for you to do after you have signed up for this plan.

Prepay and Save

Prepaying for services is still the best and preferred choice for most customers. By prepaying for service, not only do you not need to budget and plan your payments, but you also get the best deal of the season.

Any Questions on the Monthly Installment Plan?

If you have any questions about the monthly installment plan or anything else, please contact us at 866-668-5296 or email us at

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