Spring Checklist for Trees & Shrubs

Posted by Lush Lawn on Feb 17, 2017 11:18:32 AM

Now that spring is truly around the corner, it is important that you evaluate the condition of your trees and shrubs in preparation for the growing season. We’ve compiled a short checklist to help you protect these valuable assets on your property.

  1. Debris Removal – with the snow melting, you can start to see the areas surrounding the base of your trees and in your flower/shrub beds. More than likely, there will have been an accumulation over the winter of dead leaves, broken branches, even garbage that is now becoming visible. Make sure to clear these areas as much as you can to allow for the areas to breath as well as dry up from all the moisture it has received as well as for new growth. Also it may be necessary to remove plants that have either not survived the winter or are showing signs of decay.
  2. Pruning – to maintain the health of your trees and shrubs, proper pruning of the dead branches and leaves that were either damaged or suffered through the cold winter months will ensure the continued health of these valuable assets.
  3. Inspection – with the snow melting, there may be standing water surrounding your trees and in the beds where your shrubs are and can attract insects, diseases and other issues that may impact the health of these plants. It is advisable to have a certified arborist to come out and take a look to examine and diagnose any issues and/or problems and begin a treatment plan immediately both to resolve and prevent additional issues from occurring.
  4. Plant New Trees & Shrubs – early spring is the perfect time to plant new trees and shrubs, so make sure you select the proper plants to add to your property.
  5. Fertilizing – it is important to restore and boost the nutrients back into the trees & shrubs that may have been depleted over the winter months. The right amount of nutrition your trees & shrubs receive early on will ensure healthy growth as well as protect them from the risk of acquiring diseases, bugs and pests and being able to sustain in inclement weather.

Hiring a professional tree & shrub service provider, especially one with certified arborists on staff, is a good step towards making sure that your trees & shrubs are healthy and ready for the coming growing season. These professionals are able to evaluate and diagnose any issues that either may already exist or become a problem if left untreated and can provided the proper treatment plans to protect these valuable assets on your property. For more information about how you can protect these assets, call Safari Tree today at 844-500-8733 or visit www.safaritree.com.
Happy Spring!

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