Why Soil Testing Should Happen Before Spring

Posted by Lush Lawn on Mar 3, 2021 12:32:31 PM

We talk a lot about the importance of timing in lawn care. Whether it’s a matter of taking place too early or too late, this shift can impact the effectiveness of the overall technique. That leads us to today’s topic: soil testing.

While soil tests can in theory be performed any time of the year, there are distinct advantages to performing this task before spring. (This explains why current Lush Lawn customers can expect to see our team arrive at their property to collect soil samples at this time.) Here’s why that’s the case.

Why You Should Perform Soil Testing Before Spring Arrives

When collecting soil samples, one of the biggest needs for reliable test results is having a good, comprehensive sample. Examples of this would be soil that is consistent in terms of depth and also offers an adequate number of cores to reduce the impact of natural variation. Based on the springtime conditions — typically the rainiest season of the year — soil pH levels and nutrients can be naturally impacted and lead to increased error in terms of sample results. On the flipside, drought-like conditions in the summer can cause sampling issues from a depth perspective and lead to inaccuracies as well.

By testing soil before the spring arrives, there are better odds of obtaining a more representative soil sample and in turn gaining more meaningful insights into necessary treatments. This might be a case of sweetening your soil to raise the pH level or balancing it down to decrease the pH level.

What’s also beneficial about a pre-spring soil test is it gives you time to evaluate the test results, while still having enough time to implement the treatment plans. Consider the case where test results show that your soil could benefit from a soil treatment program. You’ll have time to apply an early spring treatment designed to adjust the PH level of your soil, balancing it into a more fertile range. Having the correct PH level makes the lawn a healthier place for grass to grow.

The PH level adjustment aspect of the Lush Lawn program, along with other applications, are designed to improve the structure of your soil and to add vital micronutrients and fertilizer. In doing so, we’ll give your soil and lawn the jump start it needs right as it wakes up.

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