For a Thirsty Lawn, Try WaterMaxx™ Treatment and These Watering Tips

Posted by Lush Lawn on Jul 5, 2024 9:11:53 AM

With a summer "heat dome" here in Southeast Michigan, homeowners are experiencing drought conditions that directly impact the health of their lawns.  There are several things you can do to preserve your lawn and sustain its health throughout a dry, hot summer. One excellent way is by using Lush Lawn’s WaterMaxx™ lawn treatment.  

Our WaterMaxx™ lawn treatment is an organic solution designed to help loosen the soil and increase water penetration, allowing for a small amount of water to have a bigger impact.  This treatment, with proper watering, will keep your lawn healthier throughout drought conditions, and help retain the color of your lawn.
So save some up to 50% on lawn watering bills this summer by giving us a call today to learn more about our Water Maximizer lawn treatment -- WaterMaxx™.  


WaterMaxx™ is the only water management product  that uses food grade hygroscopic humectant components (moisture retainer) to convert soil moisture vapor into plant-usable water droplets. This unique formulation keeps plants hydrated longer between waterings or rainfall.

So whether your goal is to improve turfgrass color, increase seed germination, or simply conserve water and cut your water bill in a what looks to be a very hot summer, trust WaterMaxx™ from Lush Lawn to deliver.

Additionally, here are some tips on how to maximize the watering of your lawn during this dry, hot conditions: 
•    The optimal time to water your lawn is early morning as this minimizes the evaporation of the water through wind and/or sun.
•    Typically, you should be watering your lawn 2 to 3 times per week and up to 4 times per week when the weather is hot and dry.
•    The general rule of thumb is that your lawn needs about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water per week in order to maintain its healthy growth.
•    Maintaining the appropriate mowing height for your grass is also important as it helps to not only conserve water, but works in conjunction with proper watering habits to keep it healthy.  The recommended height to mow is between 3 to 3 1/2 inches throughout the summer months.
•    Also, leaving the grass clippings on your lawn helps to cool down your lawn as well as keeping the moisture in the soil.  This also allows the nutrients to go back into your turf from the clippings.
•    Be careful of overwatering your lawn, as that can compromise the health of your lawn and result in possible fungal growth and common lawn diseases.
•    When your grass is underwatered, there will be a slight change in the green color to a blue-gray tint.  This is just before it starts to turn brown and dry up.

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