Lawn Care Service in Saginaw, MI: 3 Qualities to Look For

Posted by Lush Lawn on Nov 17, 2020 4:00:52 AM

While temperatures may be getting cooler in the Tri-Cities, and the first frost of winter is in sight, now is a good time for homeowners to start thinking about their lawn care routine for next year. Whereas for some this can include purchasing new tools and putting together a DIY schedule, for others, it’s a matter of choosing a professional lawn care service in the Saginaw, MI area (Bay City and Midland included).

As reported in a survey from the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), 40% of Americans with a lawn or landscape hired a professional in the past year. In terms of why they made these investments, homeowners noted a combination of wanting to improve the look of their lawn, enhance use of their space and save time.

If you’re a Tri-Cities homeowner looking to hire a professional lawn care service for 2021, it’s important you know how to qualify prospective companies in your research. We recommend keeping these qualities top of mind.

1. A Locally Owned & Operated Business

When a lawn care service is locally owned and operated, it establishes a natural connection between the business and those they serve, with both parties living and working in the same area. But the fact that a business is local also speaks volumes about the service they provide.

Whereas corporate companies tend to offer a more standardized approach to lawn care, a locally owned and operated lawn care service in Saginaw, MI, will utilize products and tactics that are specific to the Southeast Michigan region. While this has a positive impact on the results of the service, customers will also benefit from the fact that local businesses are often easier to reach and able to quickly respond to service requests.

2. Has Certified & Licensed Professionals

The certification and licensure requirements for a lawn care business vary from state to state. In Michigan, landscapers do not need a state license for services like mowing or edging lawns. But if chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides are applied, lawn care technicians need to be certified by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. This provides peace of mind to customers that these sensitive products are being properly handled, used and disposed of after a job is complete.

While some certifications are deemed necessary by law, others are optional. Consider the case where a lawn care service provider in Saginaw, MI, also provides tree care service — an innate benefit for the customer. Legally, the state of Michigan does not require tree care companies to be licensed or certified. But if businesses take the initiative to help employees become certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), it’s a positive reflection on the quality of their work and their commitment to operational excellence.

3. Is Fully Insured

Lawn care service is manual work — and that opens the door to potential concerns. There could be a case where an employee is injured on the job, or damage occurs because of an equipment failure. As the homeowner, you’d want to know you were protected from any potential liabilities.

To account for both ends of the spectrum, a reputable lawn care service provider should have general liability insurance to cover accidents and mishaps, as well as workers’ compensation insurance to cover injuries that occur on job sites. Confirming this before you invest in a lawn care service in Saginaw, MI, will assure that all medical bills, damage repairs and other costs attributed to an incident will not be your concern.

As a provider of lawn care service located in Saginaw, MI, Lush Lawn & Safari Tree checks all of these boxes. With services that stretch from lawn maintenance and tree care to weed and pest control, you can find the services you need, with quality you can trust. Request your free quote today.

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