What To Look For In A Full-Service Lawn Care Company

Posted by Lush Lawn on Dec 17, 2021 12:00:54 AM

Hunting for a full-service lawn care company in Michigan can be a little tricky. Lawn care and landscape maintenance are now big businesses, and there are many nearby lawn care companies that you can choose from. Today, there are more licensed lawn care and landscape companies than ever before — and the number seems to be increasing.

There are several reasons why the popularity of full-service lawn care keeps growing. If you just don’t have the time to do it yourself, you’re probably looking to hire a company. Baby Boomers have more disposable income, while many are just getting older limiting their ability to take care of landscapes. If you’re a Millennial, you may have too many activities that your kids are in to make time to take care of the lawn. Or maybe you don’t fully understand fertilization and weed control and prefer someone else do the work. 

Regardless of your situation, you shouldn’t just choose any lawn service. They’re not all the same. It’s important that you take the time to go through the process and properly pick the lawn maintenance company that’s right for you. So, let’s take a look at a few tips you can use to select a full-service lawn care company in Brighton, Michigan.

Types Of Lawn Care Service

There are basically three different types of service: partial lawn care, total lawn care, and those that offer full-service lawn and landscaping services. 

  • Partial Care: A typical lawn care program involves periodic services. These programs most commonly include fertilization and weed control — the two key things to getting your beautiful green grass. 
  • Total Lawn Care: A total lawn care service plan may include some add-ons like core aeration, seeding, lime applications, and maybe insect or mosquito control.
  • Full-Service Lawn Care: This may include additional services such as mowing, landscape design, planting, mulching, weeding of flower beds, and spring cleanup.

The level of service you’ll need depends on how much you want to do yourself or leave to others to take care of. You will have to do your homework to find out what is offered by a particular company. 

Some may only want to handle weed control and fertilizer application, which would leave you to cut the grass yourself. There are some companies that may work with you and cut your grass every once in a while, but they are limited. 

If you want a total package handling everything from lawn care to keeping your trees pruned, that will cost you a little more. And keep in mind, companies that apply pesticides must have and maintain a commercial pesticide license.  

Proper Lawn Care Procedures 

Make sure the company you’re looking at follows proper lawn care practices as recommended by the state of Michigan. In Michigan, no state license is required if only mowing lawns, edging, etc. However, if chemicals [fertilizers, pesticides] are applied, contact the Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, Pesticide, and Plant Pest Management Division.

Other questions to ask: 

Lawn care and landscape companies should be able to outline their maintenance program in detail to give customers assurance of their capabilities.

Does The Company Guarantee Their Work?

Lawn care companies should provide results of their work unless of course there are extenuating circumstances, including:

  • Bad weather
  • Insects
  • Disease problems 

Some will take time to resolve and also realize that if they impose certain restrictions, problems may still exist. For example, some want a weed-free lawn without the use of herbicides. Unfortunately, this is quite difficult, bordering on impossible in most situations, so always make sure the work that you are paying for is guaranteed

View Their Work

Another important method of choosing a lawn care service is to review the company’s work. Most lawn maintenance companies are conscious of their work regarding well-maintained landscape as a living billboard for advertisement. A personal inquiry from friends and homeowners is a key factor in choosing a company that meets your expectations.

Contact Lush Lawn

You may be surprised to hear that In many instances, it’s more cost-effective to hire a company (like Lush Lawn) to handle your lawn care services. We can save you time and money, by not investing in the tools you’d need to keep up with the yard work and lawn care.

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