Dandelion: The Rise and Fall…

Posted by Lush Lawn on Apr 29, 2016 10:44:52 AM

As children in Michigan, we loved to see the dandelions popping up in our community. Picking them up like prized possessions, or small pieces of found art – a dandelion was gold. We admired their whimsy; the way the buds glided off the stems, right into the atmosphere, with wishes attached. Although, as we got older the dandelions seemed to lose their fun-loving and whimsical appeal.  They have now become synonymous with worry and panic. Just as we have transformed into hard-working adults, it appears they have changed as well – having morphed into the dreaded nemesis of the caring home owner. As the dandelions begin their cloning process, they spread onto our lawns, almost as an act of defiance. It’s as if they’re saying “We don’t want you to have a beautiful, lush lawn! We want your lawn to suffer!” Here at Lush Lawn, we have decided to fight back. We will gladly send out our army of highly-trained dandelion terminators, and we guarantee that those unsightly pimples of nature will not get the best of your home this spring! Go here, right now, to get a free estimate on our top level weed control program, and join the fight to take back your lawn!

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