Bare Spots in Lawn After Winter

Posted by Lush Lawn on May 14, 2024 10:29:00 AM

Winters can be harsh. The strong winds, chilling temperatures and snow accumulation may not be comfortable for you, but they are particularly damaging to your lawn. If you experience bare spots in the lawn after winter, find out how you can restore your lawn in time for spring. Don’t spend months fighting with dirty bare spots, but accelerate your lawn growth with these repair tips.

Remove Debris

First, you need to inspect the damage. Some spots may appear bare, but simply have a buildup of dirt, leaves or other debris. Grab your rake and leaf blower or call a lawn expert such as Lush Lawn to thoroughly clean and inspect your lawn for any signs of dead grass and bare spots.

If there’s more than half an inch of grass clippings or dead grass, it’s best to remove this debris as well. A small amount of this debris can add nutrients to your soil, but too much can prevent new grass growth.

Don’t forget to take on any weeds that may be poking up. Some weeds are hardier than your grass, so you’ll need to either pull weeds or use a weed treatment. Contact a professional lawn care company for more information on the best weed treatment for your particular lawn and weed variety. Some weeds simply need to be pulled, while others require herbicide or natural remedies, like cornmeal.

Aerate Your Lawn

Heavy foot traffic and deep snow can pack down your soil and create issues for your grass seed. Thick soil prevents your grass seed roots from reaching necessary nutrients. The easiest solution is to aerate your lawn. Whether you choose an aeration service that uses a plug aerator or choose to aerate your own lawn, be sure you thoroughly aerate your soil in order to promote healthy grass growth.

Add Nutrients and Grass Seed

Ice and snow from a harsh winter can damage or completely kill your grass. Not only does your grass need a boost of nutrients to thrive this spring, but you may also need to plant more grass. Choose between grass seed or sod in order to restore your lawn and prepare for a healthy, vibrant yard this spring.

Grass seed is a cost-effective alternative to sod. You can choose the right grass seed or grass seed blend for your particular region, which greatly improves its ability to survive the winter. For best effect, your grass seed should be routinely watered and maintained by an expert lawn service.

Sod is a faster way to see immediate results. When you choose a professional to law new sod, you’ll immediately see a bright, green sea of grass all across your yard. Sod is an attractive option if you’re in a hurry and need quick results, but can be more expensive and difficult to maintain the same results.

Grass requires a blend of nutrients in your soil to grow properly. Depending on your location and soil type, you may need to add nutrients to encourage healthy, green grass to grow. Look for soil treatment programs that balance the pH level of your soil, add essential nutrients and give your grass seed the boost it needs to survive the next winter.

Choose a Professional Lawn Maintenance Company

If you’re struggling to repair bare patches in the lawn, it’s time to call professional reinforcements. For premier lawn care services and a helpful list of suggestions for optimal maintenance and prevention of bare spots, contact Lush Lawn today. At Lush Lawn, we specialize in year-round maintenance and healthy growth of your lawn. Once you shake off the cool temperatures and bitter winds of winter, it’s time to get outside and enjoy a soft, green lawn with your whole family.

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