Mosquito Diseases Michigan Homeowners Should Know About

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Mosquitoes are a nuisance, but mosquito diseases can be deadly.  The fact is that they are also a serious health risk.

In Michigan, particularly in Wayne County and Saginaw County, homeowners need to be aware that even just one bite from a mosquito can cause serious, potentially deadly, illness. If you are considering mosquito control, here is a closer look at why it is so important to your health.

What You Need to Know About Mosquito Disease

Earlier in September, an Allegan County resident was diagnosed with Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a rare neurological disease that causes fever, headache, chills, nausea, and potential inflammation of the brain. This serious disease is carried by mosquitoes and is considered one of the most deadly mosquito-borne diseases in the United States. Around 33 percent of the people who contract EEE will die and survivors often suffer from lasting brain damage, according to Channel 5 WNEM’s news report.

While EEE is rare, it points to the serious nature of mosquito-borne illnesses. Not only do Michigan residents need to concern themselves with EEE, but mosquitoes also carry diseases like West Nile Virus, Dengue Virus, and other serious diseases. When mosquitoes in the area test positive for these dangerous illnesses, homeowners need to be vigilant to protect their families.

How to Protect Your Property from Mosquitoes

Protecting your family from mosquitoes does not mean you need to lock everyone inside for the duration of mosquito season. Instead, you need to be proactive to stop the spread of mosquito-borne viruses from your MI home.

  • First, make sure you do not give mosquitoes a good place to breed in your yard. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water, and the larva uses water to develop. If you have any areas in your yard that have standing water, clean them up right away. This includes your bird bath and any buckets you may store outdoors that could collect rainwater.
  • Next, use insect repellent any time you spend time outdoors, so you are at less risk for a bite. While this does not control the mosquitoes in your yard, it will reduce the risk of a serious event from a mosquito-borne illness in your family.
  • Also, keep your eye on mosquito activity in your yard. If you notice certain times of day when mosquitoes are more active, consider staying indoors during those hours. The less exposure you have to mosquitoes, the better your chances of staying healthy during mosquito season.
  • Finally, consider investing in professional mosquito control. Safari Tree uses proven pest control measures. We can help you prevent the risk of mosquito-borne disease for your family, helping you do your part to control mosquitoes in your area.

Safari Tree Mosquito Control Services – Organic and Traditional

Safari Tree offers both conventional and organic mosquito control measures that prevent mosquitoes from terrorizing your family. We guarantee our mosquito control services for 21 days, so you can enjoy weeks of mosquito-free fun in your yard. Choose from traditional pesticides or our organic, pesticide-free options, and enjoy a mosquito-free season for the rest of the year.

Mosquito season in Michigan is far from over, and with dangerous diseases being reported, you need to take measures to stop these pests. Contact Safari Tree today to get a quote for professional mosquito control for your Michigan home.

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