Battling Southeast Michigan Lawn Pests: Grubs, Cutworms, and Chinch Bugs

Posted by Lush Lawn on Aug 18, 2023 3:24:00 PM

Your lawn offers more than just a patch of grass – it's the stage for barbecues, playdates, and picnics. But the charm of our outdoor havens can sometimes be disrupted by unwelcome visitors like grubs, cutworms, and chinchbugs.

These critters might believe they can spoil the fun, but don’t worry – when you team up with Lush Lawn our pest control services will keep these critters at bay! 

Grubs: The Silent Destroyer of Grass Roots 

Grubs are infamous for their destructive tendencies. These beetle offspring lay their eggs in your turf's root system during summer. By late August and early September, these grubs hatch and start feeding on the roots until colder weather makes them burrow 2 to 8 inches deep for the winter. When spring arrives, they resurface and feed near the soil's surface, maturing into beetles by June.

Grubs cause damage in two ways. They eat the roots directly, harming your turf's health. Also, other creatures drawn to feast on grubs can disrupt your lawn, creating holes and disturbances.

How can you tell if you have a grub issue? Try this trick: gently lift limp turf patches. If they come up without roots, you might have grubs. Also, watch for wildlife on your lawn; they could indicate where the grub problem is since many animals enjoy eating grubs.

Chinch Bug - Tiny Pests with a Big Impact 

Chinch bugs might be tiny, but they're a big threat to your lawn. These sneaky insects mimic the effects of drought, making it easy to overlook them as the culprits behind the damage. 

If you're starting to spot chinch bugs on your property, try examining your grass after a good rainfall or watering. If it's not bouncing back despite the moisture, chinchbugs might be the cause. Another telltale sign is checking the edges of damaged areas – if you find young chinch bugs, adult ones, or even bug remains, you've got an infestation.

Once you've spotted the signs of damage, a simple trick can help you gauge the severity. Take the bottom off a coffee can and press it into the affected area. Give it a few minutes, and the bugs should start crawling to the surface. If you count more than 15 insects in the first couple of minutes, it's an indication that the infestation is pretty serious and it’s time to consider professional control methods.  

Cutworm: A Stealthy Lawn Nuisance 

You've probably come across these little troublemakers if you're in Southeast Michigan. You know those tiny holes in your lawn that look like they were made by a pencil? Yep, that's the giveaway sign of cutworms. Surprisingly, these guys aren't worms at all – they're caterpillars, the larvae of a moth species.

These critters come out to play at night, wreaking havoc on your local lawns and gardens while you're catching some much-needed sleep. By the time morning rolls around, you're left with a mess. To keep these cutworms from turning your gardening and landscaping efforts upside down, quick action is your best bet. The longer you let them munch on your yard, the more damage they can do.

Professional Pest Solutions 

When it comes to dealing with pests, the one-size-fits-all approach doesn't cut it, and DIY remedies may fall short. Relying on professionals like those at Lush Lawn who can accurately assess the extent of infestation is the best approach Our experts can determine the necessary treatments and their timing for optimal results. Here’s how our team manages these Southeast Michigan pests:

Grubs: Our comprehensive approach includes a preventative treatment that employs our specialized grub control product during the summer. By aligning with the grub life cycle, we proactively thwart the emergence of grubs. Should grubs have already inflicted damage, our "grub worm killer" application effectively eliminates active grubs from the soil, restoring your lawn's health.

Chinch Bugs: Acting early is key to dealing with chinch bugs. Our preventive measures involve the application of grub rate insecticides around late May, targeting these insects at a vulnerable stage. Even if chinch bugs have already made an appearance, our thorough insecticide application covers your lawn and potential spread areas to eradicate their population.

Cutworm: Our pest control professionals conduct a thorough evaluation before deploying a safe and potent larva-killing product to combat cutworms. Our precise application technique ensures targeted eradication while minimizing collateral damage to other plants and the environment. As an added measure, we recommend homeowners clear away plant debris at the onset of each planting season.

Reclaim Your Lawn with Lush Lawn

To protect your lawn from these invaders, it's vital to team up with pest control experts who can assess infestations, create customized plans, and time treatments for optimal results.

Whether you're dealing with grubs, chinch bugs, or cutworms, our proactive approach ensures your lawn remains vibrant and pest-free.

Ready to take back control? Contact Lush Lawn today to learn more about how our pest control services can help you enjoy a thriving and pest-resistant lawn!

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