From Our Certified Arborist: Tree Fungus

Posted by Lush Lawn on Apr 13, 2017 7:29:18 PM

If you are concerned about tree fungus harming the trees on your property, now is a good time to act before fungal infection sets in. Safari Tree’s own certified arborist has some important things to say on this subject.

From our Certified Arborist, Tree Manager, Erik Hutson:

Hello everyone,

Crab trees have begun to bud and bloom. It’s time to begin our Tree Fungicide spray applications for these trees. I just wanted to send out some info so everyone knows why we do what we do.

Tree fungus is most active in the spring. The proper time to apply tree fungus treatment is when the buds form and begin to break. This treats the tree as the new growth emerges and protects it from becoming infected.

Tree fungus active in spring.

Our program for this is generally 3 applications and the start time is weather dependent.  In our case this year we are ready to begin this now. We do these applications roughly 10-20 day apart. This provides the best protection for the whole leaf out period.

This program is for deciduous trees only, (trees with leaves). We are NOT spraying evergreens for needle blight yet. This is because most evergreen buds will not begin to swell and break until mid-May.

This program is focused on specific trees with a specific issues. For this reason, the tree fungus treatment is more thorough. The amount of product applied is much heavier than our standard tree care application because there is a known, present issue we are treating. Most of these tree fungus treatments are done for Apple Scab, but we also have some customers being treated for some forms of leaf spot & cedar apple rust.

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