Here Are Some Instructions For Seeding Lawn In Spring

Posted by Lush Lawn on Apr 1, 2022 5:45:00 AM

It’s that time of year again. The temperature starts warming up and your grass begins to grow again, you may want to consider seeding your lawn in the spring. 

Instructions For Seeding Lawn In Spring include:

  1. Prepare to Seed
  2. Prepare a Seed Bed
  3. Select a Seed Mixture
  4. Weeding and Care

So, let’s take a look at each of these steps a little more closely, to make sure that your lawn is looking its best all summer long.

Preparing To Seed

The first step is to remove any undesirable grass in your yard. You can do this by using a product containing glyphosate

For best results, you should treat the undesirable grass while it’s green and actively growing so that the product completely kills it. But be careful: don’t spray any areas that look good to you. You don’t want to kill healthy turf. 

Give it about 7 to 10 days for the undesirable grass to absorb the treatment and then it will be time to prepare your seedbed. 

Preparing The Seed Bed

The idea is to loosen the soil so it will hold moisture and allow the roots to go into the soil. This can be done with a hoe and rake for small areas. You should consider using a rototiller for larger ones. You should do this to bare spots that you’d like to plant grass seed in as well.

The soil should be raked and smooth when you’re finished. It’s also a good idea to seed, rake the seed into the soil, and seed over the top of the smooth soil. You should use straw or PennMulch to cover the seed and help keep the soil moist.

Selecting Seed Mixtures

Make sure you’re using a quality seed mixture from a reputable supplier. Most lawns in Michigan are made up of cool-season grasses. It’s typically a Kentucky Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass mix. You should try to opt for a mixture of at least 50% Kentucky Bluegrass and 50% Perennial Ryegrass for full sun and partial shade. 

Every bag or seed container is required to have a label on it that informs the user what type of seed it is. It will also provide the percentage of each. 

Do not buy seed that has an annual seed or weed seed in it. Undesirable grass (and weeds) typically comes from the wrong seed being used to repair areas of your lawn.

Weeding And Care

After planting your grass, keeping it moist will be vital. A sprinkler system makes it easier, but to get grass growing you’ll need to water it daily for about three weeks. By keeping it moist, your seed will germinate more quickly. 

After three weeks, you can water less often, but more deeply. It’s common for some weeds to grow, so weed control will become a vital part of your lawn care regimen. That’s because it’s common for weeds to come up with the new grass. Do not use weed controls to remove them until the grass has been mowed at least four times. Be patient and remove the weeds after your turf matures. 

Get Help With Your Spring Seeding

At Lush Lawn, we’ve developed an incredibly effective lawn care program that is administered by our team of knowledgeable lawn care professionals. From weeding to feeding to overseeding, we have the tools and the knowledge to make sure your lawn thrives all summer long.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, contact us today.

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