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Posted by Lush Lawn on Nov 10, 2017 4:46:37 PM

While we watch the snow falling outside from the comforts of our home, we may not be aware of the other creatures that may have moved onto our property to also find warm shelter away from the cold weather. Lawn rodents, such as moles and voles (also commonly referred to as field mice) are just as active now in the winter season as they were in the warmer season.  The only difference is that you may not notice the damage they are causing to your lawn until after the snow melts!

These lawn rodents make their way into your lawn by tunneling down into the soil, creating pathways that can cause severe damage to your lawn not only by the digging but also by feeding off the roots and plant matter that are below the surface.  With snowfall covering the tops of your lawn, you really are not able to see much of the actual pest damage being caused by these new houseguests.

Moles and voles do not hibernate during the winter like some pests and are as busy as they were in the summer months. These pests just continue to burrow and feed off the roots and insects they come across under the grass and are likely to dig even deeper with the colder winter weather.

If you notice animal tracks or “holes” in the snow, you may be experiencing mole and/or vole activity on your lawn and it is imperative that you address this pest problem as soon as possible!  Waiting to deal with the pest control issue in the springtime could be too late, as the winter damage will have already been done to both your lawn and your flowerbeds, which can be costly to repair.

Give Safari Tree a call if you suspect you might have pest activities, and our pest control specialists can come out to assess the situation and advise on what your next steps should be.  We have a very comprehensive rodent control program. Prevent lawn infestation next spring with pest control from Safari Tree!

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