Lush Lawn Natural Mosquito Control Program

Posted by Lush Lawn on May 22, 2015 11:32:51 AM

We’re adding to our natural lawn care program. We are excited to announce our new Natural Mosquito Control program!  Are you tired of mosquito bites? Or are you looking for a solution that is safe for use around your children and pets? A repellant that is made from 100% natural ingredients?  

Lush Lawn is always looking for ways we can improve our service lines. We hope to give our customers the services they are looking for.
We respect the growing concerns on environmental safety and love to offer products that are natural, such as our natural lawn care program.
Now you can take care of those pesky mosquitoes with a natural solution that is safe for use around your children, pets, and wildlife.
If you have any questions about this service and would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact your lawn consultant for details. To schedule your natural mosquito control program call us today at 866.668.5296

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