Aphids: Small Yet Mighty Harmful

Posted by Lush Lawn on May 5, 2017 11:29:31 AM

If you are wondering how to get rid of aphids, Lush Lawn is here to solve your aphid control problem.

If you start noticing the leaves on your shrubs, plants and/or trees have little holes or look like something came up and took a bite out of them, then there is a good chance you are experiencing the small yet mighty aphids feeding. Aphids are insects that have specialized mouths allowing them to suck the fluids from leaves and flowers, causing havoc in the plants ability to transfer nutrients throughout. This is why Aphid control is so important. Aphids are more commonly found in gardens, but also are known to infest any area of your property that has trees, shrubs and flowers. They can also head inside your home and feed off your houseplants. Sometimes aphids are also referred to as plant lice or green flies.

An interesting fact about aphids is that they tend to not have wings, however if the plant(s) they are feeding off of become overly crowded, they can develop wings to travel to a new location and build a new colony. They are also very small insects, and can be green, yellow, orange, gray, black or white in appearance, making it sometimes difficult to detect them as they can blend into the plants. They are also very fragile and easily removed, but once you have an infestation, it is hard to control without having a professional tree care provider apply a spray to eliminate them.
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