Why Overwatering is a Bad Idea

Posted by Lush Lawn on Jun 1, 2018 4:57:52 PM

Although it may seem like a good idea to give your lawn more water, especially when it gets hot outside, overwatering can cause serious harm to your grass. Whether you are looking for tips on watering your lawn or you need advice from professional lawn care services in protecting your grass from summer drought conditions, the experts from Lush Lawn are here for you.

Whatever water grass does not use or is not absorbed into the soil pools at the surface. Too much water can flood your lawn, wash away nutritious dirt, and even drown your grass! Overwatering will prevent your grass from taking in air and promoting a shallow root system which is detrimental to your lawn health.

Besides harming your grass, overwatering can be a waste of precious resources and a higher bill, all for nothing! Luckily, Lush Lawn offers a special application called Water Maximizer that helps preserve water and sustain your grass through summer heat. Combined with good watering practices and proper lawn maintenance, Water Maximizer could save you a lot of stress this summer!

Good Watering Practices

Good watering practices can save you money and a headache caused by overwatering. Some things you should know include: when to water, how often to water, and how much you should water. Ideally, you only need enough water to soak into the soil about 5 inches deep. This means watering no more than twice a week for approximately 30 minutes.

You can test the dryness of your soil 12 hours after each watering by digging up a small amount of soil with a screwdriver or small tool. The best time to water is in the early morning hours so that water has a chance to soak into the soil without evaporation. Watering at night isn’t a good idea because water may pool and sit overnight, causing a flooding and a greater risk of disease. If your grass has a bluish hue or doesn’t spring back after it has been walked on, it could be time to water.

What to Do in Drought Conditions

Michigan often experiences drought-like conditions during the summer. Extended periods of heat with less moisture can be hard on your grass. If watering more isn’t the answer, what should you do during a drought? Try reducing lawn thatch, reduce nitrogen fertilizer and increase potassium fertilizer, stick to a strict watering schedule, leave grass clippings on your lawn.

You can also try special applications to protect your lawn from drought. Lush Lawn offers a specialized application called Water Maximizer, designed to improve water retention and soil penetration so that you can get more out of each watering.

Why Water Maximizer?

Water Maximizer is a one-step program that lasts 90 days. It is organic and is proven to help your grass flourish during a drought. Water Maximizer is budget-friendly too, it can reduce the need to water by 50% through the season. With this kind of application, you can make your water go further and your grass happier all summer!

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