When to Fertilize Plants

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When to fertilize plants in Michigan. The question baffles lots of people each year.

Are your plants ready for fertilizer? Whether you’re just getting started improving the look of your lawn and garden, or you’re a seasoned veteran when it comes to manicured lawns and luscious gardens, it can be difficult to know how much is too much fertilizer. If you’re concerned about applying your own fertilizer or are looking for a lawn fertilizer service in Michigan, Lush Lawn can help.

Best Time to Start Fertilizing Your Lawn

To start, begin fertilizing your lawn and plants when things really start to take off. This usually means early spring. Don’t wait until the summer heat has already scorched your lawn. A boost of fresh fertilizer and nutrients is exactly what you need in the spring to keep your lawn looking green and healthy all spring and summer long.

What Type of Fertilizer?

Before you start applying fertilizer all over your lawn and flowers, you want to make sure you have the proper fertilizer and the proper amount. Lawn fertilization companies use a spray fertilizer, but this can be difficult to control if you’re looking for a DIY approach. Homeowners often use granules, which are easier to apply evenly throughout your lawn.

A basic mix to keep your grass looking green and growing healthy all summer long is a 20-5-10 mix. These three numbers explain the percentages of nitrogen, phosphate, and potassium in the mix. Nitrogen is perhaps the most important component, as this encourages healthy, green grass. Too much nitrogen, however, will cause your grass to grow too fast and require more mowing.

How Much is Too Much?

For best use, begin using fertilizer at the beginning of spring, or around mid-to-late April. The amount of fertilizer and the frequency of application vary depending on your location and soil type, so you should consult trusted lawn fertilizer companies in your area. In general, fertilizer should be spread about five times throughout the spring and summer.

Keep it Hydrated

Fertilizer without water is an expensive and often unsuccessful investment. While it’s important to fertilize your lawn to enjoy green grass all summer long, water will go a long way in helping as well.

Not all fertilizer follows the same watering schedule. Some require post irrigation, while others recommended watering ahead of fertilizer application. Follow the instructions carefully to maximize the nutrients your lawn receives.

Do I Need Fertilizer?

There’s nothing like a well-fed and watered lawn. Even in the midst of summer, you’ll enjoy soft, green grass. Whether you love the picturesque look of a manicured lawn, or you have young ones who love to play in the grass, it’s an important investment.

However, no plant or grass needs fertilizer to grow. The goal of fertilization isn’t to encourage survival, but to promote increased health and growth. You’ll still have a lawn at the end of summer if you don’t fertilize, but fertilizer can turn that dried-out bleak lawn into a luscious grove of thick, rich grass.

From Grass to Garden

Just like your lawn, flowers and plants can also get a boost of growing power thanks to fertilizer. The amount of fertilizer you use will depend on the particular plant, so consult the most professional lawn fertilization companies in your area for more information about your particular garden or plant. Some plants require much more fertilizer, while others require a unique combination of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium.

Grow Your Grass Today

At Lush Lawn, our experienced team is passionate about growing luscious lawns and productive gardens. Whether you’re looking for more advice about your fertilization strategy or need professional assistance with fertilizing your lawn, contact us to find out more about our expert lawn care services today. Your lawn may not need fertilizer to survive, but it needs fertilizer to thrive.

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