Voles Sighted in Michigan Yards

Posted by Lush Lawn on Mar 12, 2018 12:59:23 PM

We have started to see activity with voles in a few of our customer properties, where damage is already being noticed within the lawns. Voles are small rodents that are related to the common mouse, though voles tend to have stout bodies, smaller ears and eyes, and a shorter tail. Voles are often referred to as field mice and are classified as rodents, unlike moles.

Voles typically chew on the base of trees and/or shrubs, especially during the winter months. They can also cause damage to various flower bulbs and vegetable roots that may be in your garden. However, the primary food of choice for voles are the stems and blades of grass. You can visibly note damage made by voles through the lawn that has a tunnel-like look – not large mounds of dirt that moles leave behind, but more like tunnels slightly above the ground.

Voles are vegetarians and feeding on young roots and growth can seriously impact and destroy large parts of your lawn, your flower beds, and even cause death in some of your trees and shrubs.

The Lush Lawn team is starting to come across vole activity. This means they are already active and potentially feeding on new growth of your grass. If you notice abnormalities or wish to take preventative measures, contact our pest control team to receive a free estimate!

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