Types of Grass Seed and How to Choose the Type for Your Region

Posted by Lush Lawn on Nov 1, 2019 5:00:18 AM

There’s nothing better than a luscious, thriving lawn full of healthy, green grass. From coast to coast, our nation has many diverse climates and soil types that affect which grass seed varieties are best for your lawn. Discover how different regions affect your grass and find out how to find the best types of grass seed for your location.

Regional Varieties

There are seven key regions in the United States that offer different levels of humidity, elevation, temperatures and weather patterns. Here are the seven distinct regions that you need to understand before you choose your grass seed:

  • Pacific Northwest region
  • Southwest region
  • Deep south region
  • Southeast region
  • Midwest region
  • Northeast region
  • Transition region

Each of these require a different soil, planting time and variety of grass seed in order to produce a healthy, natural lawn. For more information about your particular region, be sure to choose a local lawn care service provider who understands the peculiarities of your region.

Selecting Grass Seed by Region

When you compare regions, you need to select a grass seed that stands up to your region’s unique characteristics. Whether you live in a cooler climate, an area prone to drought or a location that has high temperatures all year long, select a grass seed that is designed with your region in mind. Keep in mind that areas within your region can also vary dramatically, depending on where you live along state and regional lines.

Midwest Grass Seed

At Lush Lawn, we know Midwest grass seed. Our Michigan-based team proudly serves a variety of Michigan grass seeds and has expertise in the necessary services required of these seed varieties.

Midwestern states experience ranges of humidity and arid weather, depending on their relation to the Great Lakes and other natural features. Typically, grasses throughout the Midwest perform best when they can endure cold weather conditions.

Best Midwestern Grass Seed

There are a few varieties of grass that stand up well in these conditions. Perennial ryegrass is an excellent option for the balanced climate and full sun experienced in Michigan and other Midwestern states. This lush, green and fine-textured type of grass is tough and can withstand cooler temperatures while still retaining its color.

Perennial ryegrass can be reasonably tolerant to drought, resistant to diseases and insects and holds up well again heavy traffic. When maintained by a professional lawn care company, your ryegrass will provide you with the beauty and practical comfort you need from your lawn.

Another popular option is tall fescue. This grass is designed for cool temperatures, but is also tolerant of heavy shade, drought and heat. Choose tall fescue if you’re in an area that doesn’t receive as much irrigation as other parts of the region.

These are just two basic options for your lawn. Turf-style grass seeds are popular for their soft, dense and durable coat. There are other options that may be more suited to your specific soil, lawn needs or lawn care routine, so ask a local lawn care expert for more information. Choose a grass seed that is perfect for your lawn.

Prepare Your Lawn

Now that you understand how to choose grass seed based on your region, particularly since you’re aware of the difficulty of choosing the perfect variety for your exact location and soil type, it’s time to prepare your lawn for a fresh, new look. Contact us at Lush Lawn today to learn more about your particular region and how to maintain your new grass seed.

As a leading lawn care provider in Michigan, we can assist you in selecting high-quality Midwestern grass seed and in maintaining your beautiful, green lawn for years to come.

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