Trick – or – Grub?

Posted by Lush Lawn on Oct 20, 2016 10:28:25 AM

With the weather changing, so is your lawn, as you know that the time has come for your lawn to go to sleep for winter.  However, did you know that you may be hosting a nursery full of newborn grubs that have recently hatched in your lawn?  Managing and controlling grubs in a timely manner will ensure that your lawn stays and returns lush and healthy each year.  So what are grubs?

The grub lifecycle starts with beetles, such as the Japanese beetle, and these are mostly found during May and June.  Around July and August is when the beetles begin to lay their eggs into your lawn, under your grass.  Then in September and early October is when the grubs hatch and begin feeding on the roots of your grass.

Most homeowners are unaware that they have a grub problem until the following year, when spring arrives and their lawns are not coming back – in other words, their grass has died due to the feeding of the grubs during the previous year.

It is important to take preventative measures with regards to grub control, and it is not too late!  Ideally, it is advised to prevent the grubs from hatching by applying grub control in early summer months.  But if you have not done so, then there is still time to protect and save your lawn from the grubs.

A quick inspection by a trained lawn technician can determine whether or not you are experiencing a grub infestation in your lawn.  If it is discovered that you do have grubs present, then the next step is to apply a grub curative that can kill and stop any and all grub activity in your lawn.

Let grubs be the last thing you have to worry about as you enjoy the fall season!

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