Spring is around the corner!

Posted by Lush Lawn on Jan 12, 2017 5:35:00 PM

With snow on the ground with matching chilly temperatures, most people when thinking about spring, are focused on warmer weather and being able to enjoy the outdoors again. However, in order to be able to enjoy the outdoors, homeowners should begin thinking about how their lawns, trees and shrubs will have survived the winter season, with hopes for a green lawn and healthy trees and shrubs once the weather warms up. What homeowners do not want to have happen is to discover damages and/or diseases have infiltrated their property as a result of the snow, the low temperatures, and other environmental and non-environmental activities that occurred during that time. From snow mold, to salt damage, the winter wonderland while beautiful may also be causing some harm to your property.

So it is not too early to start thinking about lawn and tree and shrub care programs and signing up for them now, as the advantage homeowners will receive is that once the snow has gone, and we are rounding the corner to warmer weather, most professional lawn and tree care companies will have already starting treating properties in anticipation of the regrowth of lawns, trees and shrubs. Preparing your property to come out of winter and transition into spring is critical in how your property reacts to the new season. Ensuring the proper fertilization has been sprayed, analyzing the health of the trees and shrubs and providing the necessary treatment for them to continue to thrive is not something that a homeowner would want to wait on.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you start planning and preparing for the spring season to arrive, and Lush Lawn and Safari Tree are ready to help in ensuring that your property is taken care of so that you can start enjoying the outdoors when that first day of warm sunshine arrives.

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