Overseeding: Helping Your Lawn Recover

Posted by Lush Lawn on Aug 10, 2017 7:42:22 PM

If you are noticing bare spots or thinning areas in your lawn, then overseeding may just be what your lawn needs to bring it back healthy, green, and lush again. One of the most important aspects of maintaining and sustaining a healthy lawn, is that your lawn becomes more resistant to common lawn diseases as well as dealing with environmental factors, such as drought conditions.

Overseeding is simply planting grass seeds directly onto your lawn without having to tear up your lawn in the process. By overseeding your lawn, you are able to fill in the bare spots, improve the thickness of the grass, as well as boost the color of your overall lawn.

Another benefit to overseeding is by adding new grass varieties to your existing turf will allow for your lawn to better deal with insects, diseases and again, environmental impacts.
Once you have overseeded your lawn, the new grass growth will begin to come up within 5-7 days, though this is dependent on how often you are watering and if the soil temperature is in the right range for germination. Typically, you can expect your lawn to be back in full form within 8 weeks or so after the overseeding has been applied. Key aspect to successful regrowth is proper watering, so make sure once you have the grass seeds applied that you water the areas heavily to help push the seeds into the soil.

There are several processes that can be used to overseed your lawn. To learn more about overseeding, contact us today!

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