Natural vs Chemical Lawn Treatment

Posted by Lush Lawn on Apr 30, 2019 11:55:14 AM

Natural vs. chemical lawn treatments. Many homeowners struggle with the decision. At Lush Lawn, we definitely receive our fair share of questions regarding natural lawn care and our natural lawn care services. Here are some of the most frequent.

Is it okay for my pets and children to be on the lawn after an application?

Absolutely! Our natural granular fertilizer is perfectly safe for all living creatures. As soon as it is applied to the lawn, it is safe to walk on. This is one of the biggest concerns in the nar vs chemical lawn treatment debate.

What’s the difference between natural and synthetic?

Natural fertilizers are 100% made up of matter from animals and plants. Synthetic fertilizers are scientifically designed to release a particular nutrient quickly (nitrogen, for example), while natural will release nutrients at a slower, steadier pace.

Is natural more expensive?

Yes, a natural solvent is typically more expensive than synthetic. Many times, you find that the cost per pound of natural fertilizer is less than a synthetic blend, but more product is needed to be applied to the lawn to get the same amount of nutrients found in synthetic fertilizer. In the long run, natural is definitely more expensive.

Is there a natural weed killer or weed control?

Unfortunately, no. There currently is no natural product on the market that does a great job at killing or controlling weeds. Many Lush Lawn natural  customers do utilize a synthetic crabgrass pre-emergent or weed control spray a few times a year.

How long will it take to get great results with natural?

A thick, lush natural lawn can take a number of years to create. Many customers will use a mix of both natural and synthetic to get their lawns green and healthy. Once your lawn is thick and weed-free, going natural from that point forward is definitely ideal. Your lawn will naturally repel weeds when thick and healthy.

So, natural vs chemical lawn treatment? Lush Lawn is always ready to provide a natural solution for your lawn. Contact us today if you need more information about natural and chemical lawn treatments. We provide professional, natural treatments for a variety of lawn care needs.  If you’re ready for a natural solution to improve the long-term health of your lawn, get an estimate today!


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