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Posted by Lush Lawn on Jun 5, 2017 1:09:30 PM

Are you noticing that your lawn is not as lush nor as thick as it should be?  Are you seeing brown spots scattered throughout your lawn?  You may be encountering a lawn disease known as Leaf Spot.

Leaf spot and melting-out are two lawn diseases that occur from the same family of fungi that can cause havoc to your lawn, especially as the weather begins to warm up. There are two phases of this particular lawn disease to be aware of – the leaf spot phase and the melting-out phase.

The leaf spot phase typically occurs in the spring, when the weather warms and temperatures reach 70 degrees.  Symptoms of this disease will be noticeable on individual grass blades featuring large numbers of dark circles with a tan spot in the center.  During this phase, your lawn may take on a brownish color, making it appear that the lawn is under watered and has dried out.  It is vital that if you start noticing these symptoms that you contact a professional lawn care provider immediately as there is still time to combat this disease and save your lawn.  If left untreated, then the second phase of melting-out can destroy your entire lawn.

During the melting-out phase, you will start to notice large irregular areas that appear to be dried out and your turf begins to thin out.  The melting-out phase attacks the crowns and roots, causing severe damage to the overall health of the grass.

Lush Lawn has trained technicians that can diagnose a variety of lawn diseases and are experts in diagnosing and developing custom treatment plans to address leaf spot disease and other fungal leaf issues.

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