Lawn Care Brighton MI: 4 Tips That Make a Big Difference

Posted by Lush Lawn on Feb 25, 2021 4:00:12 AM

Putting together a lawn care to-do list for your Brighton, MI, home? We’ve got a few tips on which maintenance to-dos to prioritize so you can see the biggest return on your investment — with best practices included.

1. Apply a Pre-Emergent Early for Weed Control

As the name implies, pre-emergent herbicides are designed to inhibit root growth as weeds begin to sprout — not to kill established weeds in your lawn or their seeds. So if a pre-emergent is applied too late, after seeds have already germinated and weeds emerge from the soil, odds are they’ll be ineffective. Generally speaking, it’s best to apply pre-emergents in the early weeks of the spring and fall season so chemicals have time to take effect before seed germination.

2. Keep Your Lawnmower Blade Sharpened

We’ve all experienced the scenario where a dull knife leaves behind a jagged, uneven cut. The same rule of thumb applies to cutting your lawn. Like other metals, a lawnmower blade can become dull over time — and when that happens, the blade will tear at the grass and cause more stress to it. Sharpening mower blades after about every 20 to 25 hours of use will deliver a clean cut that gives your lawn a healthy appearance and avoids damage. (An added bonus: The sharper your mower blade is, the faster you can trim your lawn!)

3. Mow Your Brighton Lawn at the Proper Height

While we’re on the topic of lawn mowing, it’s also important to talk about height. In general, no more than ⅓ of the lawn height should be removed with each cut. If a lawn is cut too short — what’s known as scalping — it can rob grass of energy and nutrients and leave it more susceptible to damage and weed infestation. So while in theory, shorter cuts may seem like they reduce chores, they actually add much more time and headaches to your lawn care to-do list in the long run.

4. Apply Fertilizer Throughout the Growing Season

Sunshine and water are critical to the health of lawns, but it’s fertilizer that strengthens the roots of grass blades and helps them better absorb these vital nutrients. Based on the fact that soil loses nutrients over time — with factors such as excessive rainfall and strong winds to blame — fertilizer should be applied on a routine basis during the growing season to replenish what’s lost and help prepare Brighton, MI, lawns for what’s ahead, from drought-like summer conditions to the harsh temperatures that come with wintertime.

Looking for help tackling your lawn care to-do list? With branches in Brighton, MI, and other surrounding areas of Southeast Michigan, Lush Lawn can assist with your local lawn care needs — bringing years of experience to the table. To get started, request your free quote today!

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