Fall is Almost Here: Winterizer Fertilizer

Posted by Lush Lawn on Aug 24, 2017 5:08:25 PM

Time passes by quickly and with fall coming around the corner, it is important to start thinking about winterizing your lawn to prepare it for the coming cold weather.  Properly winterizing your lawn will ensure that your lawn comes back in the spring healthy and lush.  Even though the lawn may appear to “die”, it is actually going into dormancy to protect itself from the cold winter months with minimal sunlight. Lush Lawn’s winterizer fertilizer application will prepare your lawn for the cold!

The process of fall winterization is applying that last application of winterizer fertilizer in October or November. As the daylight begins to shorten and the weather starts to cool down, the grass plant itself responds by slowing down growth and moving food reserves from the actual grass blade to the grassroots to help sustain it through until next spring. Even with cooling temperatures, the grass roots continue to remain active in the soil.

By the moving of nutrients from the grass plant to the roots ensures that it will return and be ready for growing season once the weather and soil temperatures start to warm up.  In applying a fall winterizer fertilizer to your lawn, you are feeding the active roots and providing them enough food to sustain the winter.

Also, by winterizing your lawn in the fall will ensure that your lawn will return in the spring green, healthy and lush sooner than those lawns that did not receive the winterizer fertilizer.

Are you ready for fall? Contact us today to learn more about our fall winterizer lawn care application!

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