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Career Opportunities in the lawn care industry 


Do you live in South Eastern Michigan? Are you looking for a place to work with real growth potential? Have you ever considered a career in lawn care, tree care, or pest control? If the answer to the last question is “No”, that’s ok. When I first entered the lawn care industry as a lawn applicator, I hadn’t considered staying in the lawn care industry long term. I wasn’t looking for a career, I was simply looking for a job that offered me a bigger paycheck so I could pursue other opportunities. At that point, I hadn’t come to understand what possibilities the lawn care industry could offer me.

What I came to discover is that the lawn care industry is more than just fertilizing lawns. There is a large amount of different kinds of talent that is required to operate a successful lawn care operation. Here at Lush Lawn we are dedicated to finding talented people and elevating them through great training, work experiences, and professional development. We have a place for all kinds of employees; from customer service and sales to production. We also have many levels of management and plenty of opportunities for growth as new positions are becoming necessary each year. This provides a great opportunity to build a career.

The story of Lush Lawn so far is the story of a local Michigan business that has continued to grow, but that story shouldn’t be eclipsed by the many wonderful stories of the employees who have been growing right along with it. Many of the employees who now manage our departments and branch offices began their careers right here in entry level positions. Through diligent work and outstanding performance they have been promoted into places of greater reward, responsibility, and authority.
If you’re looking for a great place to work and build a career, Lush Lawn has branch offices in Rochester Hills, Grand Blanc, and Brighton, MI. Many career/job opportunities are currently available!


Here are some descriptions of career/job opportunities available at Lush Lawn;


Production Department – Route Manager

Do you like working outside? Do you like managing yourself and not having someone standing over your shoulder? Then a job as a lawn or tree care applicator/route manager is the thing for you. This kind of a position is for the guys/gals who can’t stand spending their day at a desk or at a retail store watching the clock tick by slowly. This kind of a job is for the people who like to be on the move and stay active. At Lush Lawn we provide the best possible equipment in the industry for this job. Every applicator is provided with a truck, trailer, state of the art ride-on application machine (they can be a lot of fun), and several useful tools of the trade! As an applicator you develop a lot of technical knowledge about lawn care including how to diagnose turf damage, diseases, insects, and even cultural issues regarding the science of soil and nutrients. If this sounds like something you might enjoy, apply today!



Office Department – Office Assistant

Do you like helping people? Are you a good communicator? Do you take pride in dotting the I’s and crossing the t’s? Then a job in our office is a great place for you. In our office we do everything from fielding customer concerns (whether it be a billing issue, service issue, or general question) to making changes to customer’s accounts (updating addresses, adding notes, etc.). The office is the communication hub of the company. Our staff is relying on you to properly process information and note information so that all of our departments can better serve our customer base! If this kind of job sounds right for you, apply today!


Sales Department – Sales Consultant

Do you enjoy selling? Are you great at identifying the needs of customers? Do you thrive in a goal driven high energy environment? Then the sales room is the place for you! Each one of our branches has a team of consultants who sell new services and additional services to our customer base. As a lawn consultant you have the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and become their go to person for advice/solutions for their many lawn, tree, and pest control needs. At Lush Lawn we pride ourselves on having a local culture. We want our customers to identify with real people who are in their community, not calling from a call center a thousand miles away. If this sounds like your cup of tea, apply now!


Management, Executive, and beyond!

Beyond our major departments, we also have department managers and branch managers who oversee the day to day operations of the company. As a growing company, new management positions are being added each year. We’ve also reached the size where we are now have an executive office that hosts administrative and marketing jobs. As Lush Lawn continues to be successful and grow year over year, so will the opportunities for all of its successful employees. Whenever possible Lush Lawn promotes from within. If you’re looking for a place to grow some roots, develop your skills, and move into places of greater opportunity, Lush Lawn can be that place!


Looking for a job in South Eastern Michigan? Live a reasonable distance from Grand Blanc, Brighton, or Rochester Hills? Don’t hesitate, click here to apply now!

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