Best Time to Repair a Lawn

Posted by Lush Lawn on Mar 27, 2019 7:32:35 AM

Enjoying a luscious, green lawn can take some work, but it’s not always easy to know when is the best time for lawn care repair. Whether you’re a procrastinator or look forward to getting things done on time, discover why early fall is the best time to contact Lush Lawn’s lawn care services about repairing your lawn.

Dangers of Spring and Summer Lawn Repair

As the temperatures and leaves drop, it can be tempting to simply wait for spring. Spring, unfortunately, is too late for many lawn care issues. As winter ends, any new grass will have fierce competition from weeds seeking to take advantage of warmer weather and more sunshine. If you live in more northern areas, like Michigan, spring doesn’t give your grass enough time to become established before the heat of summer turns it brown and dry.

Attempting to lawn care repair in summer is also an uphill battle. Hot and humid temperatures can quickly dry out your lawn and cause any growth to be stunted. Even with plenty of water, you’ll find your lawn may struggle to thrive.

Early fall, however, can allow your lawn to have the opportunity it needs to take advantage of cooler weather before winter hits. Find out some of the great benefits for repairing your lawn in the fall.

Weed Out the Competition

The heat of summer decreases the number of weeds that are vying for soil, water and sunlight alongside your grass seed. Few weeds germinate in the fall, so your new grass seed will have a much easier time thriving in the fall. Dormant weeds will struggle to gain ground in the spring because your grass will have the opportunity to grow throughout the fall and stick around through the winter.

Rain and Shine

Fall is a great time of year, particularly in Michigan. The heat of summer finally breaks, some light rain showers, cool breezes and crisp autumn leaves help breathe new life into lawns that were baked with summer heat. In order to start your lawn repairs off on the right foot, many local lawn care companies use irrigation to boost the moisture levels in your soil after a dry summer. It’s essential to good lawn health to have adequate amounts of moisture, otherwise, your grass seed won’t grow enough to survive the first winter.

The Perfect Soil Composition

Finally, your lawn repair work needs fresh topsoil to improve its health. The best lawn care service providers use two inches or more of compost and other organic materials to enrich your topsoil with the nutrients your lawn needs.

Another way to improve your soil is aeration. A professional lawn aeration service pulls cores out of your soil between one and two inches in depth. This allows air and water to reach the roots of your grass. A powerful combination of air, water and nutrient-rich topsoil offers your lawn the best soil for a healthy, long-lasting look and feel.

Lawn Care Repair Options for New Grass Growth

Talk to your local lawn care expert about options for improving your lawn. Whether you need a patch or your entire lawn is looking withered and full of weeds, there are a few basic options that can help encourage consistent green grass throughout your lawn. Here are some common ways to restore your lawn:

  • Sod
  • Plugs
  • Grass seed

Whether you need minor lawn care repair or an extensive boost in the health of your soil, Lush Lawn can give you a professionally manicured lawn. Don’t let the extreme temperatures of Michigan keep you from enjoying a beautiful outdoor living space. Our expert team can tackle any lawn care repair work you need and help you reclaim your lawn from dried-out grass, weeds and bare patches.



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