7 Spring Lawn Care Services To Try

Posted by Lush Lawn on Mar 27, 2019 6:02:05 AM

It's time to start thinking about the lawn care services you may need after another long, cold Michigan winter.

As the weather begins to warm and the landscape starts to show signs of life, you'll start turning your attention to your lawn and how to make it lush once again. Lush Lawn, Southeast Michigan’s expert in lawn maintenance for 15 years, shares tips for homeowners to give their lawn the head start needed for a strong, healthy growing season:

  1. Light Raking Raking isn’t just a Fall thing! Lightly raking up debris, buildups of thatch, and leftover wet leaves from the previous year will help prevent molds and fungi from forming on your lawn.
  2. Aerate – If your soil is compacted, it restricts airflow, moisture penetration, and the root system's ability to grow and expand. By removing soil plugs from your turf a professional lawn aeration service such as Lush Lawn can improve several aspects of your lawn.
  3. Repair Bare Spots – Tough weeds like crabgrass LOVE bare spots. Rake up the bare spot, lay seed and water daily for a week. Avoid mowing that area until grass is at least 2” high.
  4. Feed Your Lawn – Lawns are depleted of vital nutrients after months of harsh winter weather. Having a lawn fertilizer service apply fertilizer rich in nitrogen feeds the lawn while greening it up.
  5. Sharpen Your Mower Blade – A dull lawnmower blade can shred the lawn and give it a dull brown appearance. A clean cut will help keep your grass healthy and prevent disease.
  6. Mow High – 3 inches in height is ideal for this time of year. Tall grass grows deeper roots and crowds out weeds.
  7. Apply Pre-Emergent Weeds are annual plants and come from seeds like everything else in your lawn. Applying a pre-emergent will stop weed seeds from germinating. But it’ll also stop grass seed from germinating – so be careful!

Aaron Samson, founder, and CEO of Lush Lawn, also recommends testing the pH balance of your soil. “A soil test is like a physical for your lawn – it helps to diagnose what nutrients are needed,” says Samson. “The pH levels of lawns can vary greatly from house to house in Southeastern Michigan, so this is an important first step.”

Founded in Grand Blanc and headquartered in Rochester Hills, Lush Lawn – Safari Tree has been providing Southeast Michigan with superior lawn care services and tree care since 2004. The company currently operates four branches in Southeast Michigan (Rochester Hills, Grand Blanc, Brighton, and Plymouth) and employs over 90 sales and service personnel, as well state-certified technicians and arborists.

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