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Posted by Lush Lawn on Apr 10, 2015 10:07:44 AM

Have Lush Lawn Buy You A Puppy!

Lush Lawn is very excited about the Puppy dog contest that we currently have running! All customers who sign up through our Puppy Dog Contest until April 25th are eligible to win a new puppy! We want to hook someone up with a cuddly new member to add to their family. Now that you’ll have a nice lush lawn you’ll need a buddy to take out and enjoy it with! Puppies are definitely a responsibility, but one that a lot of people are up for and are busy picking out what kind of dog they’d like or what kind of dog they’d want for their family. In fact, right now, in my household my wife and sons are clamoring for me to go out and get them a family dog. Eventually I’m going to have to make it happen for them, but unfortunately for me, I’m not eligible for this awesome contest! 🙂

There are a lot of really cool aspects to being a dog owner. I spent some time looking into how dog ownership effect peoples lives. Here are a few things I found!

#1. Stress Reduction

Owning a dog helps reduce your stress and improves your ability to relax! If you’ve ever had one of those long days at work full of problems to resolve (which I know we all have), coming home to a cuddly friend waiting to lick you and cuddle on you really helps the struggles of the day fade away.

#2. Personal Exercise

Dog owners tend to get more regular exercise. Apparently those 15-20 minute walks with your dog around the neighborhood really do add up some pretty sizable health benefits! If your dog didn’t need to go for his walk its likely you’d use the free time in your busy schedule for other things, most of which would probably not include exercise.

#3. Builds Character and Teaches Responsibility

While this is something most people know, especially if they’ve watched dog movies like “Lassie” or “Where the red fern grows”, it really is true! When children and adults have someone else to take care of it teaches qualities like empathy and responsibility. These qualities a lot of times help us relate better with other people and help become more successful adults.

#4. Decreases Loneliness

If you get home and don’t have anyone to talk to or share your day with, pets can be a good outlet. Though you generally don’t get much back in way of verbal conversation, it’s nice to get out your feelings and talk about what your feeling to someone who’s listening. And pets for obvious reasons are excellent listeners!

– Collin

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