Lush Lawn attends 2016 MSU TurfDay!

Posted by Lush Lawn on Aug 12, 2016 5:47:45 PM

Michigan State University had its annual TurfDay this past Wednesday, and many Lush Lawn employees were in attendance. This educational event takes caters to landscapers and other people in the lawn care industry. The event is held near MSU’s farming and agricultural section of campus, which consists of many large fields. There were some tours geared towards the golf course maintenance community, and then others geared towards, difficult weeds, fungal problems and seeding. Many of the tours, featured patches of grass, usually with some sort of ailment. They then provide a piece of grass which has been treated with a certain product. There was also a special guided tour where attendees were able to observe some turf damaging insects. Lush Lawn always invites selected employees to attend this largely enriching program, which helps better the lawn care industry standards and practices, as well as providing guidance for making plans for purchasing products in the future.

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