Flint Neighborhoods Improved Through Fertilization

Posted by Lush Lawn on Nov 28, 2014 6:30:24 AM

Flint Neighborhoods improved through fertilization

Can better maintaining vacant lots in Flint have a positive impact on the community both socially and environmentally? This is what MSU researcher Dr. Thomas Nikolai in association with the MTF (Michigan Turfgrass foundation) has been trying to determine. For the past three years MSU has been taking care of vacant plots of land in Flint in order to find these answers. The main idea of this research is to take care of these plots by fertilizing them properly, treating for weeds and making sure that they have been mowed at a proper frequency. The researchers then compare the areas that have been treated properly with areas that haven’t been for a variety of differences in the soil and health structure of the plants. One of the main environmental concerns is how better care and fertilization effects runoff and the movement of sediment. The social aspect they have been tracking is the impact better maintained neighborhoods have on the psychological feelings of their residents.

So far, through community pulling and measuring the results of research experiments, the answer seems to be yes.

Here are statistics representing how this project has impacted the opinion of residents; 

1.      Safer in the neighborhood? (47% strongly agree, 21% agree, 16% neutral, 5% disagree, 11% strongly disagree)
2.      There is less trash in the neighborhood?   (63% strongly agree, 37% agree)
3.      You have made home improvements? (74% strongly agree, 21% agree, 5% neutral)
4.      You interact with your neighbors more? (53% strongly agree, 26% agree, 16% neutral, 5% disagree)
5.      You trust your neighbors more? (39% strongly agree, 22% agree, 33% neutral, 6% disagree)
6.      You would like MSU to continue the study? (95% strongly agree, 5% agree)

They have also found that fertilized and well maintained turf has a significant reduction in soil sediment movement, which is a good thing environmentally.

This project has been great in bringing out the way that beautification of turf and landscaping can positively effect people. Neighborhoods that are well maintained seem to create a better sense of pride and security in its residents. Well maintained turf also has a lot of positive ergonomic benefits. This is a great story and further highlights the benefits of properly maintaining a lawn.

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