Winterization Tips

Posted by Lush Lawn on Dec 29, 2017 12:09:44 PM


With the weather hitting below zero degrees, with proper winterization of your lawn and of your trees and shrubs, rest assured in knowing that they are still alive and sustaining the cold temperatures. All plants are going into dormancy, slowing down growth, preserving nutrients and getting ready to face the coming months of snow and ice.

Make sure when you are outside, you are paying attention to the branches that may be above your head. If you were unable to prune them back before the cold weather hit, be sure that you are creating a safety route around the trees as the weight of snow and ice along with weakened branches could lead to breaks.

Also make sure that when you are walking around your property, with the snow and ice, make sure that when and if you can avoid walking directly on the grass, that you do so. The compaction from footprints along with the snow and ice can make it harder for the grass to come back once the weather starts to warm up. Issues such as snow mold can impact the health of your lawn and require additional treatments to combat the disease.

If you are applying salt onto your walkways and driveways, try to avoid having the salt land in the lawn, flower bushes and other areas where plants are living. While the salt is great at deicing the ground, it can also cause damage to your plants.

So stay warm, stay safe, and have a wonderful new year! We will see you in 2018!

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