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Posted by Lush Lawn on Aug 8, 2014 8:43:58 AM

 Introducing… Lush Lawn’s Professional Slit Seeding Service!

     I’m very excited to formally announce Lush Lawn’s brand new professional Slit Seeding service! For the first time ever we now offer a service for seeding large bare areas in your lawn. Slit Seeding provides an excellent solution for lawn seeding projects both large and small!

This is how it works:

     The Slit Seeding equipment is driven across the turf, slicing into the soil and embedding a seed variety, including; rye, fescue, and blue grass with disease and insect resistant cultivars, directly into the dirt. By embedding the seed directly into the dirt it allows the seed to be better protected and also to be in direct contact with the soil. Direct soil contact is essential for seed germination.

     Once the seed has been sewn, we apply a starter fertilizer to make sure the seed has plenty of nutrients to grow in healthy and strong. Following the application the soil has to be kept moist for 3 to 4 weeks through regular irrigation. This will allow for maximum germination rates. If the process is followed properly the end result is outstanding.

Tired of bare areas? Then look no further for a solution!

     Slit seeding can be used to patch bare or damaged areas, even the appearance of lawns patched together with multiple seed varieties, or establish brand new lawns from bare dirt!

If you’re interested in this service please contact us today!

You can contact one of our knowledgeable lawn consultants today and receive great promotions through this link, or if you prefer, you can call our toll free number (866) 668-LAWN (5296) for immediate assistance.

Thank you for sharing in the excitement of this new service and we hope that we can continue to bring new solutions to our customers that satisfy and amaze. Best wishes for the future as we continue to enjoy this great Michigan summer!

Thank you! – Collin

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