About Mole Damage and Your Lawn

Posted by Lush Lawn on Apr 2, 2018 12:12:38 PM

Moles are another fairly destructive lawn rodent that if left untreated could cause extensive damage to your grass to where it could be costly to repair. They are not the cutest critter out there, and they do leave tell-tale signs that they are your new houseguests through the various dirt mounds you may start noticing cropping up throughout your lawn.

With powerful front limbs, they are able to dig their way throughout the soil seeking grubs and other insects to feed on. What separates them from voles is that they are carnivores and dig deep into the soil compared to voles, of which are herbivores and tunnel near the top of the lawn.

Moles tend to mate from February through May, with a gestation period of about 42 days and typically have about 3-5 pups (mole babies) are born, mainly in March and April. Pups tend to leave the nest about 30-45 days after they are born to secure their own territories.

Much of the damage caused by moles is that they can undermine the plant roots indirectly causing severe damage or even the death of the plan through their burrowing, not by feeding off them. It is very important for the health of your lawn to control these pests as quickly as possible, as if they continue to burrow, even removing the mounds of dirt or covering them up, still weakens the top level of your soil to where areas in your lawn could collapse and leave tracks and furrows in the lawn.

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